Kathy Britt
Place of Birth:
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
Date of Birth:
August 3rd

I ran my first LA marathon during the El'Ninio year ! it rained through the entire race. I keep trying to get the perfect race weather.

It is the only race where I am crossing the finish line in my rain jacket ! I love the course, the people, the organization. The course will be changed next year and will end on the Santa Monica Pier, which sounds very exciting to me ! This will be my 4th time runing LA, I just love it !!!

Chris Generans
Place of Birth:
Manila, Philippines
Date of Birth:
December 9


Running Marathons became my passion after running my very first, which is the KAISER Half
Marathon in Feb. 2010. I fell in-love with it that I continuously signed up and have races every single
month. I accomplished a total of 10 Half marathons; 2 Full marathons and two 12K races within 2010. I
have traveled to NYC, Seattle, San Diego and Hawaii to race. I ran NYC Half marathon in April 2010 to
sponsor World Vision Charity to raise money for water projects for 3 countries in Africa. Marathon is my
way of helping and supporting a good cause, meeting new people, travel to run and keeping a healthy ME!
Brennan Kreller
Place of Birth:
New Orleans, LA
Date of Birth:

Five years and 40 pounds ago, blood pressure, cholesterol, and knee problems gave this retired dancer a sudden wake-up call. This marathon is part of my own re-awakening to the abundance of life at and beyond 50. And, having had an amazing team of paddlers around this past year--especially coaches like Kathy, Ross, and Lawrence--was quite the jump-start for marathon training.

Also, two of the people closest to me in my life died very young, and from ferocious killers: my father, at 50, of heart failure; and my partner, Jose, at 39, from HIV. I witnessed these 2 amazing men fight so hard for life, hoping to survive, for me and others as much as for themselves. In honor of them, I just refuse to allow these 2 diseases in particular to have any chance with me, if I can help it.

Louise Zara
Place of Birth:
Hollywood, CA
Date of Birth:
January 19

Before joining the team, I didn't know an older person that was physically active. All the adults in my life have been homebodies that grew old with disabilities or became immobile. Joining the Dragon Healers made me realize how happy a person can be when they are able to run, jump, swim, bike, and paddle! So, I decided to make the changes necessary to lead an active and healthy life. Thus became my journey toward redefining myself where paddling and running has become my time for self-reflection and inspiration.

Participating in the 2011 LA Marathon has given me a goal to work towards for losing weight and jump starting my 'active lifestyle.' Although finishing a marathon has been on my bucket list, I never initiated training until Kathy encouraged me to do it. I figured, why not? I have teammates to train with and an awesome coach to help me through it all. Plus, I'll look smoking hot for the summer! BONUS!!! =o)

So here I am, training in the darkness of the early morn through the rain and freezing cold.....for miles, hoping that my runner's high kicks in before I talk myself out of running 13 miles. Wish me luck! 

Giovanni Sonntag
Place of Birth:
San Mateo, CA
Date of Birth:
September 27

I've never been a runner ever before, cause of my wife I've started to run. I got into this mess cause I wanted to join a dragon boat team and somehow I have managed to sign myself up for a marathon. This rigorous training has made feel a sense of accomplishment and looking forward to doing this marathon. This would be one of the biggest accomplishments I've ever done.

Tess Mendoza
Date of Birth:
August 11

I love to run, it's my thing. I have ran some short distance races here in San Francisco over the years but I have always wanted to run a full marathon. Thanks to coach Kathy, I'm very close to meeting that goal!