Dragon Healers


Amazon Raft Race won by "Easy Living" team from USA in record time. The race made the front and 3rd page of Peru's No.1 newspaper "El Comercio". Please click on the links below to read about it and see some great photos. Page one and Page three

Ross - I forgot to mention in yesterday's report that after we completed the race and headed back to the support boat to retrieve our gear, we went through most of our stuff and gave much of it away to the "The Ladies".  We gave them our first aid kits, the left over snap ties, a couple of tee shirts and Cecilia gave away her tools and several other odds and ends.  We got up early Monday morning to make our 7:00 a.m. flight back to Lima.  We had reserved a taxi the night before.  However, the taxi was late and we were getting nervous.  So, we jumped in the first rickshaw taxi that rounded the corner.  We made it clear that we were in a hurry.  Rapido, Rapido...  Well, soon after we get in the taxi - he pulls over to buy gas.  He only buys 2 or 3 soles worth.  It doesn't take long and he drove very, very fast.  A real thrill ride.  Anyway, we made just in time to get in line.  The other Healers were already there at an airport cafe having some coffee and a small bite.  We make a quick spin by, say hi, and go through security.  Now we are at our gate and wait.  The flight back to Lima was uneventful.  We land, get our stuff and head to the hotel near the airport.  Tamara stayed in town and Janet and Brian continued on to Cusco.  Rob and Michael took a later flight home that same day.  Joe and Fuat stayed a little longer in Iquitos.  We took a nap and got up to have lunch.  We wanted to walk, but the hotel insisted that they drive us.  So, they dropped us off and picked us after eating.  I think they just wanted to be hospitable.  I didn't see anything in the street on the way over to the restaurant that would discourage us from walking.  The food was great.  We decided to cancel our plans to shop in town and were happy to just hang out at the hotel.  We came back to the hotel and slept until dinner.  We connected with Jenny, Tracy and Cecilia and ordered some food.  The restaurant in the hotel was closed unexpectedly so the hotel ordered food for us to be delivered.  We had a few Pisco sours and some BBQ chicken.  We went to bed early in order to catch the flight home.  Finally, a chance to get caught up on all that sleep we missed while on the river.