Dragon Healers


Ross - We finally got a chance to sleep in. It was a little tiring eating all that great food the last few days. Our late afternoon flight was uneventful. LAN is a well organized professional airline. We landed in Iquitos in the early evening. Just as we got off the plane we all noticed the heat and humidity. The runway had a few old abandoned airplanes left over from a more prosperous time. A typical photo from a movie. The hotel shuttle brought us to our hotel. A very, very basic hotel with hard linoleum floors and air conditioning. It was dark by this time so we donned our BuzOff shirts and pants fearing the bugs. We met up with the others (who were all at another hotel just a 3 block walk). Their paddle bag was on a different flight and was being rerouted to their hotel. Several of us had flash backs of Vancouver. Anyway, we are hopeful and won't speak any more of it as we all quietly cross our fingers. We headed out to the Amazon Cafe, ate, drank a beer, met some of the other paddlers, and heard from the Race Director regarding upcoming logistics. After meeting the Race Director and his support staff (all of whom seem to be drinking buddies) it is clear that the logistics are all quite loose. After a short team meeting back at the hotel, we assembled our fancy seats with pads. Anyway, it was a big day as everyone turned in very late –