Dragon Healers


Kathy - Hi, Healers here and accounted for are Janet, Tracy, Jenny, Ross and Kathy. Rob and Michael are MIA. We haven’t heard from them. We came in early this morning at 4:30 AM. Tracy slept, the rest of us are still wandering about. When the going gets rough, Healers do not go paddling....they go shopping!! We ran into one of the guys from the Sisterhood Team. There are twenty sisterhood and 10 men. This guy is build like a tree trunk - 6´6” and looks like an Olympic god. He makes the German paddlers look like midgets. We have our work cut out for us.......Ross will insist we do power 10s all down the river.  

Ross - Keeping jet lag at bay. It is now 7am we landed at 0430. We will be looking for food, checking out the sights and shopping. We accomplished all. We started a 1500 ritual desert and drinks. Jenny's contribution is to take photos of the food we eat. We made a pact! We are sampling all the local fare. Jenny and Janet, always over achievers, had guinea pig to go for dinner tonight. So ends a day that started in San Francisco at 10 am Saturday and ended in Lima at 2300 pm Sunday –