Dear Bruce,

Thank you for letting me into your life, you are a very dear friend and the father that I never had.  You’ve been my confidant and rock to lean on when there was nobody else.  You made me strong and grounded and you were always there.  I don’t have a bad day when you’re around.  You know exactly what to do or say when I’m very down.

I miss your quiet chuckles when you’re making fun of me and forcing me to dance in the middle of the hallway until I cracked up.

I never thought that I’m your young apprentice when I joined the KP Healers, we practiced and exercised every day inside the conference room until we got busted.

The time we spent on the dock and picking up the boats, I felt like I’m with a drill sergeant, your bossiness comes out.  We shared so many intimate moments, things that I never thought you’d share with me.  We have so many dreams together, reaching for gold together in Long Beach, having our own flower farm and shop when you retired.  You’re such a good man and I miss you so much…holidays and birthdays will never be the same again.

I wish I can hold you again and say Thank You for being there for me when nobody else was.  When I became ill, I lost hope and I didn't know if I would be able to be myself again, but you are always there to make things easier.  You lift my spirit up and are consistently there for me when I thought I can’t make it.

Your memories will always be in my heart.  I hope someday we will meet again.

I Love You, Pappi.


P.S. – See you in my dream