On the evening of June 13th our dragon boat bother, Bruce Anderson, was taken from us.

When I heard how Bruce had passed I was deeply saddened and couldn’t even imagine how terrified he must’ve been taking his last breath laying on a concrete pavement, silent and alone.

What is even more heartbreaking is hearing that none of Bruce’s relatives have come forward to claim his body leaving the funeral procedures in the care his team the KP Dragon Healers.

I never really knew Bruce but I knew of him. During race days whenever I would make my way down to the docks, to take photos, the one person I would consistently see volunteering was Bruce.

I take great pride in the CDBA being an all volunteer organization and seize every opportunity to photograph our “heart & soul” hard at work

I’m proud to place their images on our website displaying to the world dragon boat community our commitment, determination and our love to the growth of dragon boating in the Bay Area.
On several occasions I had attempted to take photos of Bruce but his reaction would always be the same. Bruce would look down with his hand over his face, shake his head side to side, turn away and continue working.

Although Bruce appeared simple in nature his eyes told a very different story of a complicated person, a person deep in thought, a person holding in a great deal, someone who was very cautious of who he let in.

After hearing of Bruce’s passing I spoke to his close friend and teammate, Kathy Britt, who had revealed to me details about Bruce, confirming my observations of very reserved and lonely person.

Although details of Bruce’s ending were dark, Kathy brought to light things about Bruce’s last few chapters that were very heartwarming and inspiring. A story best told by the people closest to Bruce. An amazing story of how dragon boating has given a man a passion, a purpose, a place in this world and a family.

Even though his heart had failed him I hope that Bruce’s example will further strengthen our hearts and commitment in the sport we love that Bruce loved and will continue to love in spirit.

On behalf of the CDBA and myself, Bruce Anderson, may our lord welcome you onto heaven’s waters.

Bruce Anderson – Dragon Boating – A Life Transformed

Henry Young
San Francisco Dragon Warriors
CDBA Web Administrator