Another Healer Adventure!

What an interesting practice night I had! 

Had a flat tire on my way to the practice.   

Cyn offered me a ride going home ( thank you Cyn) when she saw me sitting around waiting, but my boyfriend already called and told me that he's 5mins away because he had to borrow a friends vehicle (which is an SUV) since the spare that he put on the car had a flat tire on his way to picking me up. 

Just right after the intersection where there's a stop for people turning onto the Great Highway, the SUV died and wouldn't restart. 

What a panic because of the busy intersection!  I steer, he pushed....and lo and behold....Taylor and Louise came out of the blue, stopped and started helping to push the SUV.  We thought it was a gas problem so they took me to a gas station to get some gas.  The SUV started and we thought it's all good, so off they went for their long drive home. 

ARRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  SUV stopped again when my boyfriend put the vehicle into drive!  Panic again!  He tried to start the vehicle until it won't crank anymore.  He called his brother who lives in Daly City to give us a jump because no one else bothered to stop. Not even the Park Ranger! 

2hours after practice ended, I finally got home wet, cold, and hungry!   

Will I still come back for practice?  You bet I will!  GO LONG BEACH!!! Looking forward to it :D