Long Beach 2008

For the 3rd straight year KP Dragon Healers are going to Long Beach. From a small beginning in 2005, the team has evolved from a handful of paddlers, to a full team, to two crews registering for 2008.This year is even more exciting as the National Dragon Boat tryouts will be held Friday, July 25th before the recreational dragon boat races on Saturday, July 26th and Sunday, July 27th. There will be many top national teams racing for a spot in next year’s World Dragon boat races to be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

This is our travel race for the year. We will be hosted by Aero Dragons, so no loading of tents and tables! Last year Aero Dragons also hosted us and some strong friendships developed. They treated us royally with great food and massages. We always have a Pasta Feed on the Friday evening at the Britt’s house before the race. This year the tradition will continue, but at Mother’s Beach and unfortunately, without Kathy’s pastas. After the Pasta Feed, our Chinese Motown guy Winston will host a “Oldies But Goodies” party extravaganza.  Sure hope Jenny S finds out who Nancy Sinatra is before she buys some vinyl white Go-Go boots! We will be dining at Greenfields, a Brazilian steakhouse, on Saturday night. Many of the other teams will be there and competing with Brian for the Bottomless Pit eating title. We plan on enjoying the sandy beaches and all the events of this exciting weekend.

Stay tune for more details to follow after our return