The Dragon Boater  by Kirk Wong 

Dragon boater marshalling , anxiety high 
Reflections of arduous practices would make mere mortals cry 
Images flashing feverishly in dragon boater's mind 
Clock is ticking and soon it will be time 
Visions of a perfect start initializes a good beginning to the race 
Sets the wheels in motion to leave opponents behind without a trace 
Snapshots of hands hurling like pistons up in the air 
Paddling together is for "all"  to bear 
There are no superstars in the boat of 22 
Paddling in unison defines success as a crew 
The box , the engine and trailer as one 
When all insync, bragging rights of "we've won" 
The beating of the drum symbolizes the dragon's heartbeat thump 
The lifeforce of the serpent is apparent by the boat's rhythmic  bump 
Clock is ticking for dragon boater to lay it all on the line 
Dragon boater is confident that this will be the team's time 
Paddles up ! Take it away! 
Dragon boater off to slay serpent's prey