Hooray for the Time Keepers!!

They saved the day, or weekend would be more appropriate. Tony and his team (Barbara and Joe) kept track of the heats, and times for the Gold and Red teams throughout the weekend.

If not for Tony’s focus and sprinting abilities, we could have missed the final races for both the Red and Gold team. As it happened, he ran back to the tent on Sunday and informed us that we were misinformed about our next race time, and final loading call for the Red team finals just happened! Seventeen paddlers scurried the ½ mile to the loading area. We were very close to being disqualified.

The Gold team was to race 2 heats later. Some of us had double duties of paddling, drumming or steering and had to hop on to the next boat out after a race. Tony and Joe were there holding paddles for those double duty folks or assisting in other ways. Barbara was scribbling down all the race details (times, lane number, temperature, wind conditions, position of the moon, etc.) of all the teams so Ross could do his fabulous analysis of our progress for the year.

 Along with their time keeper and marshalling tasks Tony, Barbara and Joe also paddled in the weekend races. They may not have had a full weekend of racing, but they played a valuable role.  I felt their Kaiser spirit with me as I paddled and steered the Long Beach weekend. That is what a TEAM player does.

Thank you for being my teammates!