Fremont Sprints:  Our DB community

Dragon Healers volunteered at the sprints.
My Healers sisters carpooled together—meeting at 5:30 am to leave from S.F.
The suburban Quarry Lake had nice water, facilities and parking.
Nice weather in the 80’s.  Hmm, I didn’t notice the birds.

Volunteering at a dock is like monitoring travelers at the airport.
I yelled, “Please board front and back rows and have a good time.”  Unloading boats, I yelled, “Thank you for staying to your right as you exit the dock.”  “Please remember to bring water bottles out with you please!”

When I got home after 7 1/2 hours.  I was very tired (just my physical state, not a complaint).

This is a Birdseye view of the logistics of a race.
Other Healers were supporting other areas of the race.
I didn’t see everything; I didn’t know which team was who.
All I knew was that this is my community!
We all are here to support each other.
For instance--—we were invited to the Dragon Warriors buffet.

I often am thankful that my Kaiser employer funds my membership fee.
My coaches all volunteer their time.
I get instruction, training and inspiration from my coaches and teammates.
I get a lot out of belonging to the Dragon Healers.

In our bodies, it’s our physical strength and training.
In a race, it’s about our psyche and determination.
In our community, it’s about our gratitude and heart.
This is the Big Picture.

Yeah, being a Buddhist, I believe we are working on world peace!