"Live From the Newbie Corner" 

On the eve of my very first Dragon Boat race in my life, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I know that feeling well. I got that every time before I started my SCCA auto races. But this time is different…….

I had my last auto race a year ago. I got beat by ¾ of the field. I finished barely ahead of that young lady running a pretty little stock-looking Mini Cooper S. I thought my racing days were over. That was, until I responded to one of my high school alumni’s request to see him paddling at Treasure Island!

What a great sport! It combines the Chinese tradition with team work & community. The most unique thing I saw was that the teams were made up of members of all sizes & shapes; guys & gals; young & not-so-young. On the spot, I told myself I have to be part of this!

Not knowing much about the sport & what it takes to start a team from scratch, I made contact with my fellow high school alumni & CDBA. I was introduced to Kathy & The KP Dragon Healers. Meanwhile, I tried to motivate my fellow alumni. Only Lap responded. Unlike him, who goes to gym regularly & has his own trainer, I was utterly out of shape. The winter boot camp was hell! The Captain was stern! The training schedule was insane! I told Sue about it but she urged me to continue. She has always taken good care of herself. However, in order to encourage me to exercise, she decided to join the boot camp as well. How could I say no? When I first set foot in a dragon boat, I told myself, “This is where I belong!” That fact that Sue was with me sealed the deal.!

I can’t stop talking about my wonderful experience with the Healers & its members. I hope to help make new history tomorrow in Redwood City. Am I edgy? Heck yes! Am I proud to be part of the team? You bet!

Just watch us Dragon Healers,

Fly over the water!

5/10/2009 After thought:

Well, one of the heat races took a strange turn (punt intended)! The men on the left side of the boat proved they were more manly-men than the right side.

We did the best we could but mostly turned into minced meat by the historically good teams. All I could say was we gave them everything we got! Red Team saved the day with a solid third (lost by a dragon whisker) & brought home a bronze cooler.

At the end of my last race, I was disappointed in myself & dejected of my physical shape. And then I saw the result of the team’s final race:

We came in first by tearing down our 9-space campsite faster than anyone else!!!!!!!

Is it Monday practice yet?