Locked Out of My Own Room

During our stay at the wonderful Quality Inn, several people will remember the incident where Jenny locked herself out of her own room!  

You see, on Friday night, I went to my room to settle in for the night.  I put my card key into the slot, and opened the door.  But the door would only open a little bit.  So, I pushed harder, and the door wouldn't budge.  So, I decided to close the door, and try again.  This time when I opened the door, I pushed really hard, and as a result, the latch caught on the door from the inside, and now I'm locked out!

Tony, Janet, and Lawrence all came to the room to help me brainstorm what to do next.  Do we try to push the latch back with a credit card?  Do we remove the window screen and try to climb through the window??  Ultimately, we decided to go ask the front desk for help before we damaged the room.  Eugene came up to the room, looked at the situation, and decided that he needed to do surgery.  He then went back to the front office and returned to the room with a huge bolt cutter, cut off the latch, and allowed us to enter the room.  Eugene to the rescue!  

The next day, Eugene was kind enough to come to the race site and watched us race!  Furthermore, when we came back to the hotel on Saturday evening, the latch was promptly replaced.

Thanks to the wonderful service of everyone at Quality Inn!  We'll by back next year!

Jenny S.